The Mighty Wonton

The Mighty Wonton is a Melbourne based design studio that specialises in all things digital.

Established in 2002 (ooh palindrome!) as Little Irrepressible Wonton by Miss Lee Wong, the studio is now ready for version two of its evolution and one step closer to world domination.

With more than 15 years experience in the industry, Lee is a designer that likes to explore different mediums. She applies her ideas on both the on-line and offline environment.

Lee’s career started in Singapore, where she worked as a graphic designer for a publishing house and a German design agency before moving over to Australia to attend Swinburne School of Design. She graduated in 1998 with a Bachelor in Graphic Design, majoring in multimedia. Since then, she has worked for award-winning studios such as Precinct, Panopera, DDB Singapore, producing works for local and international clients.

While Lee’s industry knowledge and high technical expertise fills a much needed gap in the relatively young industry of interactive design, it is her creativity which sets her apart from many other interactive designers who typically have the technical expertise and a passion for software but not the powers of expression or design abilities to produce work which reaches people at an emotional level.

Her design and illustrative work has been recognised in the Melbourne Art Directors Club and her involvement in the Saxton project awarded with an Australian Graphic Design Awards pinnacle.

As an indication of the clients she worked for, a cross section of the most familiar names reads: Australian Design Unit, Australia Post, Australian Paper, Adidas, BASF, Biba, Bistro Guillaume, Cafe Di Stasio, Citigroup, Country Road, Computershare, Claude Maus, Colorways, Cruden Farm, Chunky Move, e.g.etal, Guillaume at Bennelong, Hunter Gatherer, DHL, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu (Australia and Hong Kong), Siemens, First Union Bank, Laminex, Lonely Planet, Moonlight Projects, Mimco, Mr Wolf, National Australia Bank, National Design Centre, Nite ArtRockpool, The State of Design, So Frenchy So Chic and TXU etc.

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